Moving Sarasota FL FAQs

Moving Sarasota FL FAQs

How early do I have to call Flat Fee Moving LLC to book my move?

The sooner you call Flat Fee Moving LLC, the better it is. With a longer lead time, we are able to meet the pick-up and delivery schedule that matches your requirements.

Can I get a free on-site quote?

Yes, once you request it, a relocation specialist will come over to your location and answer all your relocation queries. You will also be provided with a written & binding estimate- this will specify all the services & costs.

What is a flat fee charge?

A flat fee charge guarantees in writing, the total cost of the move- this will be based on the services you require at the point the estimate is provided. If you need or request for any additional services, either at the origin or at the new location (such as additional packing, adding items etc) then additional charges would apply.

Is there any specific difference between volume, weight and hourly estimates?

Typically hourly charges apply for local moves while long distance moves are performed by volume or weight. When you call, you can speak with our relocation expert about how the move is to be performed.

Which of the things do I have to pack myself?

When we talk about packing, this is with reference to loose and small objects and doesn’t include furniture. The kind of packing you carry out will be entirely dependent on how much time, money and energy you want to spend. You can choose to have us handle the entire packing or we can handle partial packing for you.

Alternatively, you can handle the entire packing yourself. In most instances, customers prefer that movers handle the complete packing, as that gives them the freedom to focus on other aspects of the move.

How will the movers ensure that my furniture is well-protected?

We are very particular about the manner in which your furniture is protected. All of it will be wrapped completely and we use heavy-duty pads for this purpose. All the delicate, marble and glass surfaces will be covered in cardboard and then crated in wood. You just have to tell us which items will need extra care and additional packing and we will ensure that it is tackled in the appropriate manner.

If you have any other questions, you can always ask our experts. Tell them what your specific requirements are and they will provide the right solutions. For more information, call Flat Fee Moving LLC at 786 310 5902.

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