Green Moving Sarasota FL

going green moving company Sarasota FL
Flat Fee Movers is one of the leading operators in the moving space. While we provide excellent services to residential and commercial customers, we are highly focused on conducting our business in an eco-friendly manner. Today many people are also particular about opting for eco-friendly options in various aspects of life. This is also why our specialized Going Green service is so popular. We offer a low environmental impact option to the conventional cardboard moving boxes.

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Different Moving Boxes

Our re-useable, eco-friendly wardrobe boxes and other moving boxes as well as moving supplies makes your move easy not just for you, but for the environment too. If you are planning on moving, call us to find out about our convenient, eco-friendly and highly affordable Going Green moving service. We have all the things you need for your next move, such as:

  • Moving boxes
  • Re-useable plastic wardrobe
  • Eco-friendly packing paper
  • Re-useable plastic moving dollies

These are perfect for commercial and residential moves, local and interstate ones, as well as for real estate professionals and property managers. We don’t just supply easy to use eco-friendly moving bins, but our customers also opt for our affordable packing supplies.

Add On To Packages

All these supplies can be added on to the moving package you opt for. Using our special recycled material, plastic bins greatly reduces cardboard wastage. Flat Fee Movers’ eco-friendly packing paper is the perfect alternative for bubble wrap. It can be used for wedging between items and -can be crumpled into the shape and size you want. Once your unpacking has been completed, it can be reused or recycled as craft or wrapping paper.

Convince and Affordability

We understand that a move can be very time consuming and our aim is to ease the process for you in every possible way. We will drop off our Going Green boxes and pick them up at your new place anywhere in Florida. Unlike the standard cardboard boxes you don’t have to build & tape these eco-friendly moving boxes and wardrobe boxes before your move. In addition, you don’t have to worry about breaking them down and disposing of them.

Our Going Green boxes save money and time as it’s much easier to stack and move them.Since movers charge by the hour, this becomes a distinct advantage. For reliable, efficient and very reasonable priced Sarasota FL moving services, and for more information about our Going Green moving boxes, call Flat Fee Movers at 786 310 5902.

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