What items will movers not take?

By Sarasota Movers | June 30, 2022

What Items Will Not Be Taken by Movers? Moving companies are required to follow certain rules for transporting items. For example, they will not move flammable items, such as kerosene, gasoline, lighter fluid, or other liquids that can easily catch fire. They will also refuse to move corrosive items, including batteries and nitric acid. If … Read more

How long does a mover have to deliver?

By Sarasota Movers | June 30, 2022

How Long Does a Mover Have to Deliver? The answer to the question, “How long does a mover have to deliver?” depends on the type of move you’re planning. In general, moving companies have a specified window of time that their trucks must be able to deliver to the desired location. If you have a … Read more

What should you not move long distance?

By Sarasota Movers | June 29, 2022

What should you not move long distance? One of the challenges is deciding what to take with you on your move. If you’re moving long-distance, the last-minute issues can cause you to be off schedule. It isn’t easy to get rid of items you’ve had for a long, long time. Making these decisions before time … Read more

Moving Company in Florida Offering Great Moving Services

By Sarasota Movers | June 29, 2022

Many people wanting to move to Florida want to ask the moving company in Sarasota, Florida for their opinion. Well, it is not their opinion, but the facts; there are several moving companies in Sarasota, Florida who are offering good moving services to the people in the area. Information You Need Before Hiring A Moving … Read more

How much do local movers usually cost in Sarasota?

By Sarasota Movers | May 22, 2022

How much do local movers usually cost in Sarasota? Hiring movers and even the moving itself may be a complex decision, and the price you’ll have to pay for the movers cost is a tiny cost with a hefty price tag. But what are the factors that affect its cost? The cost of a relocation … Read more

Moving Company

How much weight can Movers lift?

By Sarasota Movers | January 26, 2022

Moving Heavy Objects Hasn’t Always Been So Easy One of the most important questions to ask your moving company, “How much weight can be lifted by them?” The answer is dependent on the sort of move is being undertaken. It isn’t easy to carry heavy objects so it is worth asking for assistance from family … Read more


12 Important Things to Remember When Moving

By Sarasota Movers | November 10, 2021

There’s something about moving that makes your brain shut down. Maybe it’s the thought of having to move all your belongings, or perhaps it’s because you’re stuck on figuring out how you’ll fit everything into a tiny box– whatever it is, we can help! We checked in with some of our best Flat Fee Moving … Read more

storage container

Why It’s Smart to Hire Moving and Storage Services Together

By Sarasota Movers | August 3, 2021

Hiring Moving Companies With Storage Units: When to Do It If you’re moving to a new city without a home waiting for you, or if your new home is just too small to fit all of the things from your old one, then it’s time to call in some help from a trusted moving and … Read more

long distance movers

Hiring Long-Distance Movers

By Sarasota Movers | July 23, 2021

If you’re planning to move out of state, you’ll most likely be hiring a long-distance mover. Long-distance movers provide many solutions for those who are looking to relocate cross-country. They’re trained to cater to all your requirements without letting go of the quality of their services.  Before the move though, there are some things to … Read more

Rental Truck

Budget Vs U-Haul – Which Rental Truck to Choose

By Sarasota Movers | December 16, 2020

Getting a rental truck is essential when it comes to moving from one place to another. While there are tons of truck rentals, generally, the debate over which firm to pick is between Budget and U-Haul. Both firms come with different advantages, so it is essential to identify your specific needs before weighing either of … Read more

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