Do you feed the movers?

Do You Feed the Movers?

Do you feed the movers? You might not think about it, but moving is an expensive task. If you’re planning on moving for five hours or less, you should provide snacks for your movers. You can buy some mini-bags of popcorn, pretzels, and chips, as well as granola bars, fruits, and candy. The key to avoiding surprises is to be as clear about what you expect from your movers. sarasota mover

When hiring professional movers, ask them what they prefer to eat. They may bring their own lunches, but it doesn’t hurt to let them know that you appreciate their efforts. Also, offering snacks and water is a nice gesture, and they’ll appreciate the gesture! If you don’t like to provide snacks, you can purchase pre-packaged meals or buy them a pizza. If you plan to cook, make sure to have the ingredients ready so that your movers can enjoy your meal as much as you do. local moving jobs

It’s not legal to serve alcohol to your movers, but it’s common for them to become dehydrated in the heat of summer. Keep water and Gatorade handy, too. Remember that moving heavy boxes can take up to four hours, so you’ll need to provide them with plenty of calories and carbohydrates. If you do decide to feed your movers, you might want to consider pizza or sandwiches. This can be an easy, quick meal, but if you’re feeding a crew of movers, don’t offer them alcohol.

While most moving companies have strict rules on what you can tip them for, you can also consider buying snacks and drinks for them. Pizza, bananas, and fresh fruits are a good option. Although tips and gratuities for movers vary, industry standard is around 5%. This means that two movers moving for $500-750 dollars will each receive between $10 and $20. Just be sure to give them a nice snack and a good tip.

Providing snacks and lunch to your movers will go a long way in keeping them happy. If you provide them with lunch or snacks, they may stay longer on your site and behave more carefully. Additionally, if you provide them with tips, they will be more likely to be polite and careful when they are moving your belongings. If you fail to provide any of these, they may get disgruntled and end up leaving you without a tip!

While tips for movers are completely optional, they are a nice gesture to show your appreciation for their hard work. It encourages them to keep up the good work they do. Traditionally, it was customary to tip movers with cash, but many people don’t carry cash anymore. It’s a good idea to tip your movers at the end of their move. It’s easy to do! Don’t forget to leave a tip for your movers.

If you don’t have much money to spare, you can still tip the movers. Moving crews often work in difficult situations, such as moving heavy furniture up a steep hill. Make sure you pay them for any extra work they perform, and don’t forget to tip them accordingly. Don’t forget that your movers don’t expect tips for expensive lunches. You might be able to afford to buy a fancy meal for them, but they won’t expect that you’ll give them a tip for it!

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