how to pack and protect your area rugs when moving

How to Pack and Protect Your Area Rugs When Moving

Regardless of the size of your rugs, you’ll want to protect them when transporting them from one place to another. Fortunately, packing your area rugs is quite simple, and it doesn’t require special supplies. To start with, clean your rugs thoroughly before moving them. Then, wrap them in hard brown paper or Kraft paper. For about $20 per roll, you can buy a big 150-foot roll of this paper at most home improvement stores. You can also use white soft packing paper, which is less expensive and provides the same level of protection. office furniture moving companies near me

Before moving, you should wrap your rugs tightly to prevent them from unfolding during transport. You can use string or twine to tie up a rug, but don’t overtie it, as this could cause it to break. Similarly, if you’re wrapping a rolled carpet bundle, you can use brown Kraft paper instead of plastic. Wrap the carpet bundle in this paper and secure it with packing tape. local apartment movers

If you’re moving heavy furniture, use plywood or rubber-wheeled dollies to create a temporary floor over the carpet. Another inexpensive way to protect your area rugs is to wrap them in old bedsheets or blankets. Just be sure to secure the edges with packing tape. Also, be sure to wrap your rugs from top to bottom. You can also cover the front with blue painter’s tape.

To protect your area rugs while moving, you should clean them thoroughly. To do this, lift the rug end and run your palm over its surface. You will then notice whether the fibers are smooth or resistant. To fold the rug for moving, you should fold it against the grain. However, don’t use packing tape, as it can damage the fibers. When rolling a rug, you should always fold it against the grain, rather than the other way around.

Before packing your area rugs, determine whether they are worth the extra time and effort. If they’re not, you might as well leave them behind if you’re moving far away. While it might be tempting to pack them into a box, a poorly-protected rug is not worth the trouble. A little preparation can go a long way. Just remember to vacuum thoroughly to remove excess pet hair, house dander, and food stains before packing them.

Another important aspect of packing your area rugs is to avoid placing them on their sides. If you’re folding them against the grain, you’ll end up with a more compact rug. Rolling it against the nap end means that you’re putting extra pressure on the foundation, which could cause the rug to wrinkle. If you stack heavy furniture on top of the rug, it may crush or tear it.

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