Is move easy legit?

Is Move Easy Legit?

Before you use a moving company, it’s best to read reviews. While the internet is full of reviews, it’s always best to check with a friend or family member. You can also contact a moving company directly. Make sure the company’s website is organized and informative. Legitimate companies will respond quickly to any questions and concerns. They will also send a moving crew with the expertise necessary to move your possessions safely and efficiently. moving help by the hour near me

While it is possible for moving companies to get some negative reviews online, they will generally be the exception rather than the rule. Since moving is a human activity, people sometimes make mistakes, so it’s inevitable that some people will leave fake reviews. But, if the company manages more than ten thousand moves a year, why do people leave negative reviews? In fact, the moving company MoveSmart has a complaint record of less than 1%. best local movers

Another scam to avoid is moving companies with fake reviews online. These companies will provide a single price and then double it after the QA call. They’ll tell you that your home is larger than they initially thought and that you’ll need more square feet than you originally thought. They’ll also “talk” to the manager to get a better rate. Despite their claims, these companies aren’t legitimate.

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