what to do when movers are moving

What to Do When Movers Are Moving

When you know that you’re getting a mover to move your belongings, the biggest question is what to do when they arrive. Generally, movers prefer to be given the go-ahead and are happy to oblige. Then, it’s best to remain calm and level-headed. Remember, emotional reactions don’t help. Whether you’re moving from a new city to a new home, be sure to remain calm and level-headed. flat fee moving llc sarasota

Don’t let your belongings accumulate dust. It’s important not to breathe the dust that is lingering on your furnishings. Before the movers arrive, wipe all furniture down thoroughly. This can help you enjoy your new home. Similarly, make sure you do a thorough cleaning of your new home. You’ll be able to reap the full benefits of a fresh start when your home is spotless and dust-free.

Make sure you’re outside when the movers arrive. If possible, leave a note for the movers to know where to park. If you live in a snowy area, shovel snow or salt off the walkway before the movers arrive. Clean out yard equipment, unplug appliances, and make sure it’s free of debris. If you live in a city, make sure to dispose of any hazardous materials.

Don’t forget to tip the movers. Tipping is always appreciated, but not expected. Be sure to make a separate envelope for each mover and have the cash on hand. Tip your movers in cash, or use a credit card or debit card. Alternatively, you can also send them some food and beverages. Depending on their skill level and service level, the tip amount can vary, but it’s worth doing.

If your movers don’t pack everything you’ve requested, give them a small tip. Be sure to label anything that’s valuable and make sure you have the right boxes for it. They should also have bubble wrap and appropriate boxes for everything you’ve requested. If there’s anything left over, plan to take care of it yourself. Leaving things behind will only complicate the process and make your move even more difficult.

Having movers arrive at your new home is exciting, but the last thing you want is to worry about packing. Moving day is hectic, so you don’t want to leave valuables unprotected. Instead, try to stay calm and label the boxes so that unloading is a breeze. Be sure to identify all fragile items and label the boxes accordingly. If possible, label each box with the room that it’s going to occupy.

Provide refreshments. Moving is a physical task, and movers will work up a sweat, especially during warmer months. If you can, buy them a cold drink or snack so they don’t have to endure the heat. They’ll also appreciate food that keeps them energized. You can also provide a cooler of ice-water for them to drink while they work. You can also provide them with bottled water and pizza for their lunch breaks.

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