Beyond Boxes and Trucks: Discover How Local Movers Elevate Your Next Move

Moving pets, cars, pool tables, appliances, and more to a new apartment or home can be challenging.

Moving has never been simpler and less stressful.

Renters and homeowners had two options in the past: either DIY or full-service moving.

Now, families with limited budgets can get cheaper and more customized services.

Remember that there are many variables to consider, and you will eventually need an in-home estimate.

Online moving quotes can be an excellent resource for comparing prices before you move. Check out these five options before you move.

Here’s a quick overview of the most popular moving options before we get started:

  • Avoid injury by hiring professional movers. Professional movers are experienced and will save you from hurting yourself or a loved one.
  • Moving containers are an excellent option for those on a budget. These companies will load and drive for you! These companies are the best in moving containers.
  • Rent a moving van. Choose a reputable moving truck company if you plan to drive and pack your items. Remember rental insurance.
  • What will the cost of your move be? This calculator will calculate the cost of your move and provide you with a free quote. Enter your moving dates, size, destination, and departure point, then let the calculator take care of the rest.

Hire Full-Service Movers

A professional moving company is best for safety, value, and convenience.

If you want a “white glove” service, they’ll handle all the driving, heavy lifting, packing and unpacking. But here’s the thing, you may find yourself with an unreliable van line or a shady broker online who will miss the pick-up, cause damage, delay delivery, and charge you more.

You’d do better to work with one of the top professional movers for a positive experience.

Full-service movers are expensive. It can be costly. Hotels may be completely booked during the peak summer months of June to August. They may increase their rates dramatically during the summer months. You might be given a delivery window for long-distance moves for one, two, or three weeks. You may receive a final invoice that is higher than the estimated charges.

Rent A Moving Truck

Raise your hands if you agree –

  • Asking friends and family for help with moving
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • You can also break your fingers and toes by putting your hands out.
  • You can make it to work or save a weekend moving furniture upstairs and downstairs.
  • Driving a slow-moving truck in the mountains, through cities, on ice and snow
  • Fuel, food, and hotel costs can be expensive when traveling.

You probably answered “NO” to all of these questions.

Renting a moving truck and completing your move has advantages.

You can save money by renting a truck instead of hiring full-service moving companies. Plus, you will be in control from the beginning – literally and figuratively.

If you are moving in the summer, rent the correct truck size and reserve it well in advance.

Move With A Container

Moving containers are a great option for anyone moving locally, across the country, or needing temporary storage while renovating their home.

These containers are available in various sizes and offer a great alternative to moving trucks.

  • Save money by loading yourself.
  • Professionals will drive you locally or out of state.
  • In most cases, you can use them to move and store items.
  • These containers can accommodate the contents of many homes and apartments
  • These are made of steel and weatherproof material to keep your goods safe and dry.
  • You won’t require a walking board to load and unload.

If packed and loaded properly, large moving containers (about sixteen feet long) can accommodate between three and five rooms’ worth of boxes and furniture.

How it works:

  • Your unit is reserved, and your dates are set.
  • The container is delivered to your apartment or home
  • It will take you a few days to load the vehicle (check how long it takes for loading and unloading).
  • The company will pick up your items and transport them to your new home (or one of their secure facilities).
  • You’ve got a few days to get rid of it.

The downside is that movers might not prorate the storage.

You may be charged another month’s storage if, for example, you only use the container for a few days.

Rent A Freight Trailer

If you want to move without driving a rental truck, freight trucking companies can be a good option.

Freight moving companies offer empty “pup” trailers of 28 feet in length as an alternative to wheelless containers.

The trailer will be picked up by a company truck and taken to the final destination.

The customer is then given one or two days to unload.

Remember that –

  • Freight trailers cannot be used as storage.
  • The charges are usually determined by the space your items occupy.
  • Because they’re so high, you’ll have to use a steep step board when loading and unloading.
  • You can’t usually get them for trips under 200 or 300 mile
  • The suspension system is usually spring-ride, not air-ride. This can be hard on household items.

Send Your Household Goods

Shipping personal items via post or parcel carriers such as FedEx and UPS can be done if you only have a few items.

It’s an excellent option for college graduates embarking on their first journey.

You won’t have to rent and drive moving trucks or pay much money to hire full-service movers.

If you prefer to do something other than the heavy lifting, shipping your items can be an easy and inexpensive way to move.

It’s important to check whether or not the postal service will cover any damages that may occur during transit. Also, pack your fragile items securely with padding materials to protect them from damage.

Finally, remember to add enough insurance coverage if you send valuable items such as jewelry, antiques, and electronics. Knowing your possessions are secure and protected in transit will give you peace of mind. 

Hybrid Options For Convenience And Big Savings

Moving containers and freight trailers have a downside: you are responsible for loading and unloading.

Many companies across the country offer moving services only. This is great for DIYers.

Combining moving services with contract labor is like getting your cake and having it too.

You’ll receive full service for less than the cost of a budget moving.

Below are some factors to consider based on your specific moving needs:

  • Hiring movers to help load and unload a truck
  • Hire only labor movers to move your container
  • Moving your household items on a trailer or hiring only labor-only movers

Entering your zip code on a moving company’s website or calling them is usually all it takes to find moving services in your area.

Remember this:

  • The moving company won’t supply a truck
  • They will not drive your rental vehicle
  • You may be able or not to get help with unpacking and packing (be sure to inquire)

Final Thoughts

As you embark on the exciting journey of your next move, remember that the right choice of local movers can transform the entire experience. At Flat Fee Moving LLC, we’re not just a moving company – we’re your partners in making your transition smooth, efficient, and memorable. Let us take the stress out of moving, so you can spend your energy on the new chapter ahead. Discover how we elevate the art of moving – it’s time to make your move with Flat Fee Moving LLC!


What are your best options when moving internationally?

When moving overseas, household goods and personal belongings are typically loaded into a shipping box and transported by ship. Small moves (1,000 pounds or less) may require that the items be placed in a wooden vault, which is then loaded into a shipping container.

Are van lines able to make intrastate and local moves?

Van line agents specialize in interstate long-distance moving but also do local and intrastate moves.

Are online quotes accurate?

The majority of reputable moving companies will only give you a detailed estimate after they have visited your house. Some companies offer “ballpark” estimates or free quotes over the phone for local moving services, but only for small moves. Avoid companies that give only phone estimates.

What are the ways to reduce my moving costs?

Moving services are more than just an all-or-nothing proposition. You can still control your costs even if you hire an entire moving service. Doing the packing, unpacking, and downsizing yourself will help you to do so. Consider using a freight company or a storage container for your next move.

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