Budget Vs U-Haul – Which Rental Truck to Choose

Getting a rental truck is essential when it comes to moving from one place to another. While there are tons of truck rentals, generally, the debate over which firm to pick is between Budget and U-Haul. Both firms come with different advantages, so it is essential to identify your specific needs before weighing either of them out. Below we’ve provided a quick, straight-to-the-point comparison between Budget and U-Haul.

Budget vs. U-Haul Rental Truck

1. Price.

The initial thing that most people look at when comparing Budget and U-Haul is their rates. When it comes to renting a standard truck, Budget is usually the preferred service. Like most things, the earlier you book the lease, the greater the financial savings will be. However, the later you put off booking a truck, the difference in rate between the two companies ends up being relatively tiny.

It is essential to keep in mind that U-Haul often has many more assorted fees to take into account, which is why their “sticker price” commonly appears below the Budget price. Depending on your scenario, you may not have to carry those extra costs, which would make U-Haul less costly. However, Budget seems to regularly be a much more inexpensive option for a bulk of circumstances.

2. Safety.

There are many scary tales concerning leasing from U-Haul, from leaking roofings to automobile trailers breaking. There were numerous complaints concerning U-Haul rental vehicles in the early 2000s, and since then, it seems that U-Haul has been making a conscious effort to change their equipment more often than before. With that being said, Budget still has, typically, newer rental vehicles available. While this used to be a clear win for Budget, today, the distinction is much smaller than it used to be. However, there still seems to be many more complaints concerning U-Haul compared to Budget continually.

Rental Truck

3. Locations/Convenience.

If finding an outlet near you is essential to you, then U-Haul is the winner here. There are certainly a whole lot more U-Haul places all over the country compared to Budget. U-Haul also permits the different branches to rent out and approve returns of their equipment. Additionally, since U-Haul’s fleet is so much more extensive, there is a likelihood that they will have everything and anything that you need.

4. Choices.

When it comes to the selection of choices, U-Haul is most definitely ahead of Budget. There are more options for leasing with U-Haul, including vehicles, trailers, and vans. Additionally, U-Haul has on-site storage space options that Budget does not offer. These additional alternatives are vital for some people. However, others only require a rental vehicle, in which case these different options do not matter as much.

As you can see, there isn’t a clear overall winner here. While both of these companies are in the rental truck industry, they both have different but great qualities and services. If you seek the least expensive, most reliable rental vehicle, then Budget may be your best bet. And if you have additional needs and are trying to find the nearest firm that is always readily available, then U-Haul may be best suited for you.

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