Moving to Sarasota Florida

So, you want to move to one of Sarasota Florida’s primary Gulf Coast cities. That’s great, but whether you were first introduced to Sarasota through a beautiful vacation or just only moving here because of a job, the moving process always starts with finding out all you can about an area and were in that area is the “best” place to live, so you know where to look for rentals or to purchase. Whether you are looking for a spot on the beach or a rich cultural experience, there is something for everyone.

Restaurants in Sarasota Florida:

When looking for restaurants to live near, the best area for variety will be downtown Sarasota or down by Gulf Gate Estates. That’s not to say that there aren’t restaurants spattered all over. It’s just that for walking distance and variety, those two places have the highest concentration. There are over a couple of dozen restaurants only on Main St. in downtown Sarasota, and in Gulf Gate, there are also a couple of dozen places to eat within a few streets of each other.

The top ten rated restaurants according to TripAdvisor reviews in the Sarasota area are:

  • Antoine’s Restaurant 6. Duval’s Fresh Local Seafood
  • Sofrito Mama’s 7. The Rosemary
  • Solorzanos Late Night Pizzeria 8. Mozzarella Fella
  • Palermo Pizza 9. Shore
  • Dolce Italia 10. Kacey’s Seafood and More

Top Beaches in Sarasota Florida:


I don’t know about you, but I think about the sun, sand, and surf when I think of Florida. Sarasota is home to some fantastic stretches of shoreline. Please note that service dogs are allowed on all beaches. It just that this beach is for all dogs, not only service dogs. Lido Beach offers over a mile worth of white sandy shoreline just down the road from St. Armands Circle (upscale shopping center). It is less crowded and more family-oriented. Lido Beach also offers a community swimming pool open Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am-4:45 pm, depending on the weather. Siesta Beach boasts quartz sand (99% pure) and is an excellent place to check out the local wildlife. Siesta offers Lifeguards on duty year-round, concessions, weekly drum circle, volleyball, and fireworks on the 4th of July. Every fall, they have the Siesta Key Crystal Classic International Sand Sculpting Festival. Turtle Beach is located at the southernmost end of Siesta Key and features some of the tallest dunes in the area. This beach offers a boat launch area and fishing is permitted in the adjacent Blind Pass Lagoon. Some of the other things offered at Turtle Beach include Pedestrian Walkways, playgrounds, boardwalks, kayak launch, horseshoe and volleyball, and camping. There are many more beaches, but these are just a few.

The Crime:

While most areas offer a low, almost non-existent crime rate according to Realtor.com, some areas do contain a higher crime rate like parts of Alta Vista, part of Gillespie Park, and parts of Janie Poe: between 17th Street (south) and Dr. Martin Luther King Way (north), High way 41 (west) and Leonard Reid Ave (east) this also covers parts of the 301 from 17th Street up to Myrtle Street.

The Schools:

There are many schools within Sarasota County, and many of them have a 10 rating when searching schools through google maps. The school system offers reliable schooling for park-12 in all the significant areas of Sarasota. Meaning that if you look, you should be able to find a school to meet your child’s needs without too much trouble.



Public Transit is offered through the major parts of Sarasota. Along with that, they provide many bike lanes and taxi services. There is also a primary highway system for motorists to get around the area with ease.


Sarasota is home to many leisurely pursuits. If you want to explore the great outdoors, there are landmarks, outdoor activities, parks, boat tours, water sports, water/amusement parks. There are museums, tours, shopping, zoos, aquariums, concerts, classes, and workshops and a substantial nightlife presence and indulgent spas for those that are not as into outdoor activities.

What are the best areas of Sarasota to live in? That is hard to say and is a question with very individualistic answers. What may be an excellent area for me as a person who loves to explore the outdoors and has a love for architecture and history may not be the same as for someone who can’t stand to explore the outdoors and has an incredible shopping appetite. If you are finding yourself asking this question, my best suggestion is to do some research about things you would like to see and do around the area and start looking for places that meet those requirements, then refine the search from there.

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