How to pack DVDs and CDs to move

If you are thinking of making plans to move then you are probably thinking about how to pack DVDs and CDs in preparation for moving. In the end, these items are fragile, which is why it is crucial to pack them in a safe manner to ensure they are not damaged. Here are some suggestions to make sure they arrive safe in you new home. Learn how to safely transport your CDs as well as DVDs. You might also wish to convert your VHS tapes into DVDs in order to enhance the quality of the recorded material and eliminate the possibility of your VCR devouring your precious memories. local moving companies cost

Prepare the packaging first. Before you begin packing your DVDs and your CDs to use for moving they should be wrapped the discs in bubble wrap or place them in CD cases. The last thing you want is for them to fall out. To keep that from happening, choose two-cubic-foot containers or small boxes that are taped together. Be sure to add a strip of tape at the bottom of your carton.

Once you’ve wrapped the DVDs and CDs you’re able to move your items to the moving truck. Utilize the same process as for books. However, you must make sure the container is at minimum 1.5 cubic feet and not more than 18″ x 18″.

Once the boxes are full and you are ready to begin packing your DVDs and CDs. They should be placed in a row on the lower part inside the container. Then, you cover each row by putting bubble wrap on top and crumbling newspaper. If you do not have bubble wrap, make use of old towels or clothes. Small blankets can also be used as padding. Finally, ensure the boxes with enough packing tape and identify them.

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