how to pack cds and dvds for moving

How to Pack CDs and DVDs For Moving

If you’re planning on moving, you’re likely to have to pack CDs and DVDs carefully. After all, these media items are valuable, fragile, and easy to lose. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to protect your media during the move. Read on to learn how to pack cds and DVDs for moving. Once you’ve learned how to pack cds and DVDs for moving, you can enjoy all of the entertainment you love. united van lines near me

First, pack CDs and DVDs in their cases. If you don’t have DVD cases, consider using binder sleeves for your CDs and DVDs. Binder sleeves are readily available at most office supply stores and can also be used for CDs. Don’t forget to seal all moving boxes properly using packing tape. After all, these items are priceless! Don’t forget to label your boxes so you’ll know which one they’re in. average cost to hire movers for local move

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