Questions to Ask Long Distance Moving Companies

If you are planning an long distance move, you need to be sure that the business you select will follow the correct steps to move you and your belongings. Here are some of the questions to be asking long distance moving companies. Before deciding on an long distance move, make sure that you know the type of items you are moving. Although local deliveries could come on the same day, long distance moves are more complicated and involve more aspects. Some companies may charge additional fees for storing or warehoused products. long distance small lot movers

– Do they have proper insurance? Verify if they have workers compensation insurance. If they do not, then you may be responsible for injuries sustained by employees. Also, ask whether they have liability insurance. Ask the company about their insurance policy and the deductible. If you can, request testimonials, references, and an employment history. Insurance coverage should protect your items when something breaks or is damaged. You should also ask the business regarding their insurance coverage and the type of equipment they have to assist with moving.

Do they have experience in your type of move? If you live in an apartment complex that has a high rise or a townhouse that has several stories, it is important to inquire about their experience moving to these kinds of homes. If the firm doesn’t have experience in moving to the kind of property you reside in, you may want to find another firm that’s familiar with your neighborhood. Also, if you’re moving to a different city Ask if they’ve moved people in similar situations.

Finally, inquire for their license. It is important to inquire about their license. distance moving companies should have membership in the American Mover and Storage Association or possess a USDOT license. If they’re not part of these organizations and you are not sure, avoid them. Being licensed will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to moving your belongings. The American Mover and Storage Association and the FMCSA are just two of the numerous organisations that are regulated by states.

– Do they provide an estimate? A lot of reliable moving companies offer in-home estimates for their customers. This way, they can more accurately estimate your cost of moving your belongings. It is important to inquire about their rates based on the weight, value, as well as cubic footage belongings. You can also negotiate with the business if they charge extra for stairs or awkward or heavy items. Also, ask whether they can provide tools and moving blankets.

Do they employ subcontractors? Many moving companies employ temp workers or subcontractors. These people may not be the same ones who load your belongings. That could lead to a number of issues. Your belongings aren’t moved on by themselves and you may get lost items If the workers aren’t able to pack and unload them properly. It’s also crucial to inquire whether they have insurance.

– Do they have experience with the type of move you’re planning? Some companies specialize in certain kinds of moves, so be sure to ask which company specializes with long distance and cross-country express moves. If you’re moving to another country, be sure you inquire about their experience with international shipping. Lastly, ask about the accreditation for the moving company. If they aren’t licensed or licensed, avoid the firm.


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