What is a mover personality?

What is a Mover Personality?

A Mover is a fun, adventurous personality type. They crave variety and action. They are also known as the “movers and shakers” of the personality style. They like to think on their feet, change direction, and explore all aspects of an issue. Although they often lag behind, they will never let setbacks stop them. If you have a Mover personality, you should try to treat them like a guest in your home and treat them with courtesy and respect. sarasota moving company

Movers are characterized by an ambition to build a dizzying career. While they are often careful with their possessions, they tend to have memory problems and memory gaps. As such, they are notorious for forgetting important details and storing objects incorrectly. However, this characteristic doesn’t mean that movers aren’t smart. In fact, their weaknesses are their opportunities for improvement. When they have an awareness of their shortcomings, they have a desire to grow. best local moving in sarasota

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