What to do before movers come to pack?

What to Do Before Movers Come to Pack?

Before hiring movers, do as much preparation as you can. For example, lock all personal information, protect your computer, and shred all old documents. Then, go through each room one last time, making sure that the movers have a clear path through your house. Don’t forget to check the attic, basement, garage, and inside bathroom. Also, make sure that the windows are closed, and turn off all lights. movers jobs near me

After the movers arrive, go through your home one last time. Note any items that are missing or damaged. Make sure to pick up any trash that they have left behind. You can also communicate with the driver to make sure that they’ll deliver your goods on time. The moving coordinator should provide you with a contact number so you can confirm the date of delivery. Also, remember to follow the company’s packing instructions to the letter. moving company deals

Before hiring movers, pack everything you can. Remember not to overload cardboard boxes. If you pack too much, they will break. Keep in mind that they won’t be able to maneuver through your house without damaging any of the fragile items. Make sure you label and wrap all high-value items to protect them from breakage. Likewise, if you don’t have the time to do everything yourself, you may want to explain your packing method to the movers. While it’s better than trying to pack all the items yourself, it will still take more time than you’ll have.

Before hiring movers, make sure your apartment building has service elevators that you can use. You may have to arrange for them to park their trucks in the neighborhood. Make sure they have a certificate of insurance, just in case. If you live in a rural area, make sure you plan to find a place where the movers can park the truck, as ice and snow could cause accidents during your move. Make sure that your front access points are clear and free of debris.

Before movers arrive, prepare for the moving phase. Have a family meeting and make sure all household members are safe from harm. Be sure to get your household pets out of the way. You can even have them supervised to prevent accidents. You can also prepare your household pets for the move. If they have any allergies, make sure they are properly protected. You can also consider hiring professional packers. Then, you can relax and enjoy your new home.

Prepare food and drinks for the movers. The movers can get tired just like homeowners. Provide water and snacks so they can refuel. If possible, show them where the nearest restroom is. Finally, have cash ready to tip the movers for their hard work. Even if it’s not necessary, it’s always courteous to give them a small tip. It may be hard work, but your move will go more smoothly if you plan ahead.

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