what to do while movers are moving your stuff

What to Do While Movers Are Moving Your Stuff

If you have movers coming to your house, you should know what to do while they’re packing your stuff. Make sure to take down wall decorations and disconnect electrical devices. Also, you should pack clothes, shoes, and books. Pack items you no longer want to take with you in one room, and tell them where to put them. Moreover, you should also make sure that your furniture, appliances, and kitchenware are placed in a place where they’re not easily damaged during the move. movers around me

While the movers are packing your stuff, clean your entire house. Even the most meticulous packer may overlook a few things. Check your medicine cabinet, dishwasher, and medicine cabinets, as well as the drawer underneath the oven. Also, make sure your fridge and freezer are empty. Trash anything that’s still in them. The movers can’t reach everything in your house, so be prepared. You should even have some games or other entertainment ready for them.

Be sure to label all boxes correctly. This will help you avoid confusion and increase the moving costs. Clearly labeling your boxes will help movers know where each item goes and reduce the number of times they have to handle them. Make sure to label sharp objects and breakable objects properly so that they don’t get lost. In addition to labeling boxes, you should also make sure to seal them. When you’re packing your things, remember to take extra care of the boxes.

Before the movers start moving your stuff, make sure to get important papers and personal items together. You can even label them with special instructions. You can also give them refreshments while they’re busy moving your stuff. Make sure that you provide plenty of snacks and beverages for them. If you’re going to have them over for the duration of the move, you should ensure that you’re there to watch them.

Before the movers arrive, inventory your home. Pack only the things you really need. Get rid of the rest, as this will help you save time and money while the movers are packing your stuff. You should make your bed move-ready before the movers arrive. Strip the mattress and fold your bedding. You can leave the rest of the packing up to the movers, but it’s a good idea to have a box near your bed.

Make sure to inform the movers if you’re moving anything heavy or awkwardly shaped. Then, make sure to sign paperwork before the movers arrive to let them start the engines and move the furniture to your new house. Never leave the house while the movers are working. If you’re picking up dry cleaning, leave an adult at home to sign on your behalf. Otherwise, the movers won’t be able to do their job.

Before the movers arrive, check all rooms one by one. Check the most likely hiding places, including the refrigerator, medicine cabinet, and the attic. If there’s any food left in the refrigerator, make sure to throw it out or take it with you. Remember to shut the windows and turn the lights off, too. This will prevent any potential accidents or breakages. You’ll also be saving time and energy during the moving process.

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