Options to Consider When Moving

When moving from one home to a new one, there are usually so many aspects that one must consider before settling on the way to go. A move is a tiring venture, especially to one who has not adequately thought out the type of move that will work well for them. There are three types of moves, each having a pro and a con, so it is then left to the mover to decide which one would work best with them and the budget they are operating on. 

When moving, there are three types of moves that one needs to know about before settling on the one that would suit them best.



This type of move is considered to be for the ones that are considered to be bold due to the tiring nature of the move. When taking this kind of move, you do not hire anyone to help you move your items. You request your friends and family members who are willing to come through and help you out during the move. You do all the hard work on your own, including driving to your new location. However, this move will enable you to save tons of money while moving as you do not pay any manual labor since all of the packing, loading and unloading is done by yourself. However, this type of move is challenging if you fail to get any help from friends and or family during the moving day. The only money you can spend during the move is renting a truck, but you get to load it on your own and drive it to your location and unload it. This makes it relatively cheaper compared to the other types of moves. 

The benefit of using this type of move is that it is the most cost-effective way and you also get to have complete control over everything that happens in your moving day. However, the low down is very tiring as you get to do everything by yourself apart from help from any willing friends and or family. 

Hybrid Move

This is the most popular move that most people are opting for due to its budget and the convenience that it offers the clients that use it. You get to hire a group of professional movers for some little money and they help you in loading and unloading the moving truck and driving it to your new location. You get to save some money when comparing it with the full-service move. They will ensure that your items are kept intact all through the move. The hybrid move also has varieties, so it is up to the mover to settle on one that seems best for them. 

The goodness of using this type of move is that it is very convenient, and your items are appropriately stored very well during the move to the new location by experts; thus, it remains intact. However, the disadvantage is that it tends to be a little bit expensive as you do not have total control throughout the move compared to the do it yourself move. 

Full-service move

This move is best for those who do not have time to do their packing so they hire professionals who pack all their stuff up on their behalf and have it delivered still intact to the new location. However, this type of move is costly. This is because everything is done for you, from packing to loading to driving to unloading and unpacking, depending on what you prefer. They assemble any furniture which was disassembled during the move, and every heavy piece is put in the correct place and all that you are left with could be unpacking the small lighter boxes.

Having all these in mind, it is now up to you to settle on the move that works best for you. 


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