What items will movers not take?

What Items Will Not Be Taken by Movers?

Moving companies are required to follow certain rules for transporting items. For example, they will not move flammable items, such as kerosene, gasoline, lighter fluid, or other liquids that can easily catch fire. They will also refuse to move corrosive items, including batteries and nitric acid. If you have valuable items, a moving company may not want them. So, make sure to carefully prepare them before packing them. sarasota movers

Another consideration is the weight of your items. Some companies will not transport certain items, so make sure you are aware of this before hiring a moving company. Some companies will not move items that weigh more than ten pounds or are extremely fragile. Heavy items will also need to be transported separately. Check the list to make sure you aren’t overpaying for the service. If your items are too heavy for the truck, check with the moving company to see if they will charge extra.

As far as hazardous materials go, many common household products are considered hazardous. This means that you cannot move things like gasoline, lighter fluid, and oxygen tanks. A good moving company will not move these items, because of their potential hazards. However, there are some items that may not be prohibited, such as batteries and house plants. Regardless of what type of items you have, you must make sure you keep them out of reach of movers.

Moving companies are not required to transport hazardous materials. These materials can include paints, batteries, and fertilizer. Make sure you have disposed of them before the move. Another rule is that they won’t take perishable food, such as milk, cheese, or cookies. This means you’ll have to pack them yourself. However, if you absolutely must move some of your items, you should shred the rest.

Moving trucks do not have refrigeration units, so they cannot move perishable foods. In addition to perishable food, movers will not take liquids like milk, cheese, produce, and meats. Liquids must be transported separately to avoid damage to furniture and other belongings. Cleaning supplies and solvents may also release fumes that can damage your belongings and furniture. So, before hiring a moving company, be sure you prepare your items properly.

You should also avoid packing perishables, including plants. Perishables can spoil quickly in warm weather. If you’re worried about the safety of your perishable foods, check with your city’s food banks for assistance. In most cases, moving companies won’t take perishable foods, but they might be able to transport them. Likewise, movers won’t transport plants, because they’re also perishable.

Some items that movers won’t take include chemistry sets and nail polish remover. These items are difficult to move and may cause damage to your belongings. Likewise, if you’re a scuba diving enthusiast, you’ll have to find another way to transport your tanks and other equipment. These contain pressurized oxygen and gases, which will damage furniture and deteriorate materials. If you’re worried about these items, you may want to keep them in your personal vehicle during the move.

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