What should I do 30 days before moving?

What Should I Do 30 Days Before Moving?

If you’re about to move in a few weeks, you’ve probably been wondering, “What should I do 30 days before moving?” There are a number of things you should do to prepare for your new home. Start by taking inventory of your belongings. Don’t forget to pack up your daily essentials such as toilet paper and toothbrushes. Also, be sure to change locks and get to know the rules of your HOA. Make sure you understand their pet policies, lawn care, and monthly dues. short distance moving companies near me

Start packing. Make sure your first box contains all important documents and valuables. This will help you identify missing information and critical items when you’re unpacking. Make a checklist of important files and photos to back up. This will be particularly helpful when you’re moving to a new state and have no way of storing them. If you’re moving with children, get them involved in the process of packing. need movers now

Make sure you have informed your landlord of your move. Contact utilities and arrange to forward mail to your new address. Pack any items you won’t use right away, including out-of-season clothes. Don’t forget to pack extra bedding and towels! Also, get all documents for your move in one place, and ensure you have all necessary documents in your new home. Remember to label all boxes clearly.

After collecting keys, call your moving company to arrange a date for moving in. Make sure you have an emergency plan for any unexpected delays. Make sure the mover has a 24-hour moving kit and has made special arrangements for big pieces of furniture. Also, call the storage company to confirm the date of your move-in. If you’re selling your home, you should make sure you leave a review about your experience so that future buyers can see how well the move went.

Pack the rest of your things. Pack clothes and toiletries for each family member. Be sure to put medication, toiletries, and sleepwear in each bag. Don’t forget to pack your remaining things in boxes, such as your sofa and bed. Also, make sure you leave a box for household essentials such as coffee, milk, and sugar. You should also make sure your tenants turn off the thermostats and confirm the date of departure with your landlord.

Make sure you change locks when you arrive at your new home. Make sure you turn up your cell phone ringer. Get everything else packed up, starting with the non-essentials. Remember to transfer renter’s insurance to your new home. If you don’t, you can always call your insurance company to do so. In the event of damage, the insurance company can cover the damage. This is a good idea for peace of mind.

If you’re planning to move soon, it’s a good idea to start planning at least two months before the move. By getting organized and starting to do the strategic planning steps early, you’ll be sure to avoid the last-minute headaches that come with packing and moving. Getting a moving company is a great way to minimize these last-minute hassles. You’ll want to be sure the moving company you choose is experienced and has the necessary training and experience to handle any situation that may arise.

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