What should I do the week before moving?

What Should I Do the Week Before Moving?

When you move a few days before your scheduled date, it is easy to overlook some details. You may have to file a change of address with the post office, shut off utilities, or transfer services. But the last week of moving is when you need to focus on every last detail and keep your plans on track. Here’s how to prepare. Listed below are some things you should do before moving day. long distance movers near me

Cleaning up your place. It’s important to do thorough cleaning. Begin with the toughest cleaning jobs first. You can schedule lighter cleanings to come later in the week so you won’t be overwhelmed with work on move day. Keep in mind that a lack of cleaning may impact your deposit, so scheduling an extra day after you’ve taken out your furniture is essential. Besides, you’ll have more time to spend with your family. moving company advice

Organize transportation. Make sure to notify routine service providers, such as your doctor. Get updated contact information, and change the address on any important documents. Make sure to make arrangements for car transportation, including booking airline tickets. In addition, remember to contact your insurance providers and update your policies. Make sure to shop for a new insurance company, as well. During this week, you’ll also want to start packing essentials.

Get rid of extra things. You’ll need to pack all of your things and take out any unnecessary things, such as clothes you haven’t worn in a year. You may also have old class notes from college. You should also clear up your old home and mail thank you notes to the helpers. Finally, you should unpack your items and make extra keys for your new home. If you’re moving to a new town, make sure that you get all of your stuff accounted for.

Start packing items as early as possible. It’s better to start packing several months before the actual date of your move. Also, it’s a good idea to make a plan for your new keys and leave them with a friend or neighbor. When moving, try not to drive too far – remember to rest whenever you get tired or have to drive a long distance. Do not try to drive for more than a day before you arrive.

Clean the house thoroughly. Start by clearing the stairs of old furniture and carpets. Then, gather free moving boxes and make copies of your valuables. Obtain free moving boxes, take pictures of valuables, and research moving companies. Avoid stress and hire the right moving company. So many things to do in the last week of moving, so it’s important to start early. It’s time to get organized!

Make sure the moving company can access the house. If you can’t move the furniture yourself, hire a moving company to pack for you. They know how to pack and move items safely. But you will have to pay them for their packing services, which range from $100 to 120 per hour for two people. Do it yourself packing is an easy way to save money and time. Just be sure to keep a copy of all documentation.

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