are packing days and moving days separate military moves

Are Packing Days and Moving Days Separate For Military Moves?

Are packing days and moving dates separate for military moves? A military PCS order means that you and your family will soon be moving to a new place. But, before you can start packing, you must get the order approved. That means that you’ll need to reserve a moving company and schedule a date that allows you to move. Here are some tips to ease your stress. A military PCS is a big deal! cheap moving companies near me

The military moves are typically long-term, taking several weeks or even months. Often, moving abroad requires 2 separate shipments. The military can coordinate the move with the military. Moving overseas requires two separate shipments, but the process is more complex because of the regulations. Depending on your service branch, it can be as short as a few days. To minimize your stress level, consider hiring a moving company that specializes in military moves. local long distance movers

While military moving companies are often expensive, you can manage the entire process yourself. Military moves are also known as “DITY” moves or PPM moves. These moves are typically covered by the government. Unlike civilian moves, military reimbursements cover 100% of moving costs. The rate has increased to 100% in 2020 from 95% in previous years. The amount of reimbursement you receive is based on the weight of household items.

Regardless of whether you move with TSP or a private company, it is important to communicate the date and time of your move with your family. Family members may need time to adjust to the new routine. In addition to the installation transportation office, contact the local housing office to determine the best options for moving household goods. If possible, visit MyBaseGuide, an online community that provides information on local businesses, schools, and other activities.

Before packing, military spouses should not start the move process before the assignment notification. Notifications are sent by various means, with most branches sending a notice via email, phone call, or supervisor notification. Do not confuse assignment notification with actual orders. In the meantime, research the new base, find local employment opportunities, and contact military-friendly real estate agents. Organize a list of essential items for the move.

When choosing a military moving company, look for reviews. There are hundreds of companies to choose from. The team behind The Old House Reviews has reviewed a number of moving companies and found the ones that are best for military relocations. You can also choose one of these companies and schedule your move accordingly. Once you know what to expect, you’ll be on your way to making the new home of your dreams! But first, consider your budget. There are many ways to make your PCS a success.

A military move is not a small feat. You’ll need to prepare for packing days and moving days. The moving process begins by putting all your belongings into moving crates, which are usually secured with a lid and remain in the crate throughout the entire move. You may need to purchase specialty crates or have the items you plan to move stuffed into boxes. You’ll also need to disconnect your appliances and unplug them before the mover arrives.

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