How do you pack a closet to move?

How to Pack a Closet to Move

First, you’ll need to purge your closet of everything that is no longer used or useful. Once you have eliminated the unnecessary items, gather the moving supplies you’ll need to pack your closet. For folded clothing, you’ll need cardboard boxes. These are readily available everywhere: big box stores, online retailers, and recycling centers. If you don’t have any, you can request free ones from your local thrift store or recycling center. movers near me prices

You may be tempted to save packing clothes for the last minute, but it’s better to start packing a few items at a time, instead of packing every single piece. You can donate gently worn items, sell unwanted items, or sell them online. Then, organize each item by material, season, and piece, making sure to sort your items by category. Packing items in the right order can help you avoid a clutter-filled closet after you move. cheap moving services near me

If you’re moving with your family, keep your items separate. Each member of the household should have their own box or supplies. Doing this will make unpacking easier. You can also divide your supplies among family members. Once you’ve separated all of the items in your closet, you’ll have a simpler time finding them when you’re finally settled. If you have a large family, you’ll also find it helpful to use the Marie Kondo method.

When packing hanging clothes, you can try using large trash bags. These work well to protect delicate items from the elements. Make sure you cut a small hole in the bottom of the bag so that you can pass the hanger hooks through. String or rubber bands will secure the hangers. A garment bag can also be purchased online or at a dry cleaner. Putting your clothing into these bags will protect your closet and the fragile items in it.

The first step in packing your closet is a good purge. Remove everything that doesn’t fit, is too old, or you simply don’t like. Then, start sorting your clothes. If you find some that no longer suit you, get rid of them and keep the rest in their storage bins. You’ll be amazed at the amount of space this will free up in your new closet.

Don’t forget to put the important pieces in storage boxes or plastic bags. These are useful for packing clothing and accessories. Aside from packing your wardrobe, you can also buy a large amount of storage bags that are handy to use when moving. The bigger they are, the fewer boxes you’ll need. It’s important to remember to pack delicate items in a special bag, such as garments.

Make sure to remove dresser drawers, too. Dresser drawers take up more space when packed separately. To save space, remove the drawers and wrap them with plastic wrap. The Press ‘n Seal brand of plastic wrap is ideal for this purpose. Wrap the drawers by length and width. This will add double protection and reduce the chance of wrinkles in the clothes. Then, secure the drawers with stretch wrap or a thick layer of paper.

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