How Much to Tip Long Distance Movers?

If you’re wondering what you should pay to tip long distance movers, there are a few factors to consider. The time between pick-up and delivery can range from 30 to 60 days and your items might spend time being stored in storage. If you’re happy with service service or not could affect the amount you tip. Although it’s fine to pay more than the standard price, you may need to take into consideration other factors too. cheap cross country Moving Companies

When choosing a firm ensure that they are insured. the right insurance. Insurance is crucial to their business. A majority of moving companies will pay for the costs for damages caused to belongings. You should also choose a company that has the reputation of providing excellent service. A lot of these companies have the best insurance policies in the market. To ensure that you receive a reliable service look up the Better Business Bureau. It is advisable to inquire with your movers about the insurance they provide and what type of insurance they offer.

Long distance movers must be tipped between $4 to $6 per hour, depending on the work level and service. A 15% tip from the overall cost for an interstate move is usually appropriate. If you’d like to be more generous, you can tip a higher percentage if the work was extremely difficult or the trip was extremely long. It is important to remember that the amount of money you pay long distance movers will depend on the quality of their work.

Although tips are completely optional but you shouldn’t be able to avoid them. If you think they’ve surpassed their duties, you should pay the movers between five and twenty percent of the cost. When the overall move cost exceeds $3,000, you should consider giving a group of movers as much as 50 dollars per hour. There is no obligation to give tips to movers, but it is a nice gesture if you appreciate their efforts.

While you don’t have to give tips to movers but it’s nice to show them your appreciation. For all they do, they do an awful lot of work. They lift heavy boxes, load and unload moving trucks and arrange and sort and arrange your belongings along with boxes. Although the tips will be given after the work is completed, they appreciate the recognition while they are working. So, it’s worth tipping movers generously for their work.