12 Important Things to Remember When Moving

There’s something about moving that makes your brain shut down. Maybe it’s the thought of having to move all your belongings, or perhaps it’s because you’re stuck on figuring out how you’ll fit everything into a tiny box– whatever it is, we can help! We checked in with some of our best Flat Fee Moving LLC professionals and asked them what they wish every renter knew about moving:

Find the Right Movers

Moving isn’t as expensive as people think it is! Most professional movers will give quotes over the phone and allow for a walk-through of your space to help determine how much space you have to move into your new place. This way, there are no surprises on moving day. Many companies charge by cubic feet instead of hours or number of rooms moved – be sure to ask what they base their costs on when getting quotes from multiple movers.

Call Your Utility Companies 

When you move, most utility companies will shut off service at your old address. If you don’t call ahead, you could end up paying an extra $50-$100 per month for electricity, gas, water, cable, etc. The same goes for trash collection. Make sure you call your service providers at your new place, too.

Create an Essentials Box

Packing your essential items is essential. Grab a bag designated for medications, toothbrushes, and important paperwork, like medical records. Pick out comfortable clothes for at least three days, plus an outfit for your first full day in your new place. Label it clearly so you know where it is when moving day comes along.

Label Your Boxes

Label all boxes with evident, easy-to-read labels and put them in the fitting room upon arriving at your new home, so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for later. Labeling boxes with the space they go in saves time, so you’ll unpack faster! If you have a label maker, feel free to label all your boxes before moving day.

Keep Records of Where Things Go

Keep a list of all the things in each box, so you can remember where each item is when unpacking. This way, you don’t spend half an hour trying to figure out where the screwdriver is. Doing this will also help if one of the packers doesn’t know where to put something.

Measure Your Furniture and Doorways

When moving large furniture pieces like beds or couches, make sure there is enough space to get them through doorways and hallways without hitting anything. Sometimes, our movers will need to remove door hinges to move furniture out of your apartment, and this is only done if there is not enough space for the item to be removed easily. You would be surprised how much space doors take up!

Protect Your Belongings, Floors, and Walls

Put down cardboard or something else soft under heavy objects like lamps or televisions because these items could break if dropped on hard surfaces. Again, being careful with handling these items will help guarantee that they don’t break during transport.

Use the heaviest items you own (books, furniture) to pack up against the walls of your moving truck for extra protection. The more stable your items are in the moving truck, the safer they will be during transport. Heavy items that are packed against the truck’s walls will prevent it from flipping over if the truck makes a quick turn.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Put together an emergency kit. That may mean including phone numbers, copies of house keys, food that doesn’t need cooking or refrigerating, first aid supplies, flashlight with batteries, spare sets of car keys, and any medications or medical devices you need. Taking precautions is always better than being sorry!

Pack Your Pet’s Belongings

Plenty of times, renters have to include their pets when moving. You may be moving in with your four-legged friend, don’t forget about your pet’s belongings, such as food and water bowls, leashes, pet bedding, etc. You can get extra boxes from your local grocery or retail store with compartments in them to help keep your pet’s things safe during transport.

Be Strategic

It is best to place heavy items at the bottom of boxes for easier lifting during transport and lighter items on the top. With our large boxes, you can also put smaller items on larger ones for easier lifting. If your boxes look too empty, you can also use newspapers to fill in the gaps and stabilize your items. For boxes containing seasonal items, place them at the back of the truck. It’s best to keep your more important belongings at the front of the truck so you may unload them and place them in their proper areas first.

Where to Start

Pack your dishes first before packing any other items- this way, they are protected from being broken during transport. Often, people will put their valuables in boxes first, so if something happens to those items during transport, you’re going to be out a lot of money. Packing your dishes first will keep them safe! Remember to wrap any glasses/vases in paper towels or bubble wrap, and place them in the center of your box for maximum protection.

Make Use of Bubble Wrap and Other Materials

Use bubble wrap or old towels as make-shift packing supplies to protect delicate items from being damaged during moving days. You can also use this to protect your walls when arranging the boxes in your new space to ensure they don’t get damaged.

Prepare enough packing tape and other packing materials for fragile items. You don’t want to be short on something small but important. Also, newspapers can do wonders for protecting your most delicate items. Remember to stuff the inside of the box with newspaper, so nothing moves around in transit. 

Many things need to be considered when moving for the first time. We hope this blog will help save your sanity and make your move more enjoyable. We encourage you to browse our blog for tips or to contact us if you need more. We’d be happy to help!

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